Yalı Ahşap

We are a firm that operates in the wooden town furniture sector and we are a company that always dreams of your place and dreams of having dreams with our professional team working with the principle of bringing you to the places of your dreams.

Yalı timber In the month of March 2008, with the motto ‘you just ask’ in order to present new designs and products with warm texture of wood, it was born with the slogan.

Years of experience in interior design and organization, wooden playgrounds, garden and city furnitures, sycamore, pergolas, pagodas, gazebos, pots, decks (floor deck upholstery), natural exotic tables and similar furniture Consumer for the use of.

Wooden wood uses wood, the traditional material in its production, and impregnates this material in order to be affected at minimum levels of external influences. Impregnation; Moisture, water, humidity, mushrooms, insects … etc. Environmental and climate conditions, which are caused by decay and deformation, resulting in out-of-service, are the processes of protecting various chemical substances with specific technology. Although there are different methods for impregnation, the vacuum-pressure metrotour is the most healthy and rational solution to the long-term preservation of the wood by penetrating the maximum depth of the impregnation. The most important difference in this process is the use of WolmanIT cb material, which is produced in our country with the license of BASF instead of the chemical substance which is detrimental to the hygiene which has been used for impregnation for years and contains carcinogenic substance. Thanks to this material, glass, aluminum, copper, bronze and iron on the wood are not adversely affected. It does not cause corrosion. It is odorless and the material can be painted even after impregnation. It does not contain arsenic and similar toxic substances as it is tacked. Thanks to this chemical, the flammability feature of the wood is also reduced. The amount of material used in the impenetrating process is determined as approximately 10 kg / m3. This rate is the limit determined for the maximum bad conditions and the application is done by taking the air and moisture in the cell spaces (about 8 bar-80 minutes) into the feed channels by vacuuming the wood (about 96-60 minutes) in boilers after the sizing process. This process takes about 160 minutes.

After the impregnation process, all woods will reach to the maximum durability against humidity and other atmospheric effects and molds with water-based or solvent-based outdoor special lacquer varnishes for at least 20 years, regardless of physical environment.

Varnishes based on preference hıckson decor & remers

Apart from these chemical processes, our company combines all of our products with wood tacking system; The floor is t-shaped or u-shaped 5 mm. It detects with stainless chrome in the thickness, reinforced concrete pads that are opened. In addition to these shoes, all other materials (profiles, screws, chains, etc.) are also made of stainless steel.

Wooden floors; Wood combines unique design and detail to add new experiences to years of experience and has taken its place in the sector to present these products to our esteemed customers with ISO 9001: 2000 and TSE norms by our professional team.

In the hope of bringing you with the natural spots you imagine.